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Olivia LeavesHey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Olivia and this is my story.

Growing up in Vancouver, I always knew I wanted to travel. We went on vacations through Canada and to the US, but never much further. I spent four years on the east coast of Canada getting my Bachelor of Arts in English, then found myself back in Vancouver facing the biggest question of my young life. Do I stay or do I go?

I traded in the concept of a good paying job, stable relationships, and an apartment downtown for something completely unknown. I saved up some money, bought a few travel supplies and my suitcase, ‘Big Pink,’ and left.

And so, there I was: a twenty-something woman living solo in the UK and travelling around Europe on a whim. I spent two fantastic years in London, only leaving because my visa had expired.

I am a big fashion and beauty lover, and my style of travel will often reflect that. While I’ll still visit hostels and take trips on buses like most young travellers, you won’t find me going days without showering or using a backpack twice my height. I wouldn’t be able to carry it!

All of that, coupled with my passion for communications, journalism, and social media has been funnelled into this little website. I hope you enjoy the mix!

From September 2013 I’m blogging from Dublin, the next stop on my Working Holiday list.

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