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Olivia LeavesHey! I’m Olivia, thanks for stopping by.

Growing up in Vancouver, I always knew I wanted to travel. We went on vacations through Canada and to the US, but never much further. I spent four years on the east coast of Canada getting my BA in English, then found myself back in Vancouver facing the biggest question of my young life. Do I stay or do I go?

I traded in the concept of a good paying job, stable relationships, and an apartment downtown for something completely unknown. I saved up some money, bought a few travel supplies and my suitcase, ‘Big Pink,’ and left.

So there I was in 2011, a young thing flying solo in the UK and travelling around Europe as I pleased. I spent two fantastic years in London, only leaving because my visa had expired. Shortly thereafter, in September 2013, I moved to Dublin. The rest is on the blog..

About the Blog

In May 2011 I left home for the second time. I’d already spent four years on the other side of the country getting my degree, but this time was different. This time I was moving all the way to London, England.

I initially created Olivia Leaves to update my friends and family on where I was going and what I was doing. The more I explored, the more questions people started to ask. I found myself writing many emails with long explanations about anything from living in London to travelling through Italy, from language classes in Spain to safety while visiting India.

So I figured, why not expand Olivia Leaves?

I began to share my experiences in more detail with the hope that they might inspire you to go out and do the same. I’ve filled this blog with tested travel advice, trip plans, accommodation reviews, product suggestions, and local advice for living in London and Dublin. I just want you to have as great an experience as I’ve had!

Got suggestions? Questions? Want me to write about something? Let me know!
Email me at: olivialeavesblog@gmail.com

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