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In May 2011 I left home for the second time. I’d already spent four years on the other side of the country getting my degree, but this time was different. This time I was moving to London, England.

I initially created Olivia Leaves to update my friends and family on where I was going and what I was doing. It started out slow, as I lived in hostels and  moved into a flat where the internet wasn’t set up for a month. But when I finally had the chance to get things going, I loved it!

The more I explored, the more questions people started to ask me. I found myself writing many emails with long explanations about anything from living in London to travelling through Italy, from language classes in Spain to safety while visiting India.

So I figured, why not expand Olivia Leaves?

Here you’ll find the musings of a Canadian fashionista gallivanting around Europe, the US and the world. My intention is to share my life changing experiences in the hope that they inspire you to go out and see the world on your own terms! I’ve filled these pages with my tried and tested travel advice; trip plans; accommodation reviews; product suggestions; local advice for living in London, Dublin and Vancouver; as well as anything else that I think might help others have as great an experience as I’ve been having. Because really, where is the best place to get an ironing board or light bulbs in London?

Got suggestions? Questions? Want me to write about something? Let me know!
Email me at: olivialeavesblog@gmail.com

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