Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Now the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin dates back to 1220. An amazing display of Gothic architecture, this cathedral is now a major tourist attraction for visitors to Ireland’s capital.

So, do you pay to go in churches? I have, but often with some reservation. Paying €5.50 to visit a place of worship seems like a lot, especially when you can visit others for much less, or even for free. However, I do support the idea that constant repairs need to be undertaken to maintain these gorgeous buildings. It’s a toss up, and probably going to be down to travel preferences.

Finally, I’ve seen the inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. If you’re not visiting many other Cathedrals on your trip, I’d say this one is worth a look.

stpatrickscathedral01 stpatrickscathedral02 stpatrickscathedral07 stpatrickscathedral06 stpatrickscathedral05 stpatrickscathedral03

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